Where’s my package?!

I ordered a package in December via Amazon.com. The estimated arrival date was December 22nd-28th. Unfortunately, the package was coming from New York; and as you know, the east coast got slapped with ridiculous snow storms during the last weeks of December. So the package didn’t actually make it to FedEx until December 28th. FedEx didn’t bother trying to deliver it before this week because they apparently had too much to handle. They guaranteed me yesterday that it would be delivered today. I checked the FedEx website’s tracking function, only to discover that the most recent update was from 10:13 a.m. – it’s on the truck. So I’ve been sitting at my computer, clicking “refresh” to see if it’s delivered yet, so I can walk over to the postal center. After the fourth or fifth “refresh” click in a row, I realized that I was being ridiculously impatient and needed to just breathe. Then I was reminded of a note I posted on Facebook some time ago that deals with a different kind of impatience: impatience with your growth process. I’m not “recycling” old Facebook notes because I have nothing else to write – but because I hope they encourage you to continue pushing forward toward your goals. This was originally posted on Facebook on May 4, 2009. Hope it gives you the fuel you need to keep going!

In Due Season

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”
~ Galatians 6:9

I’m fascinated by how plants develop without me ever seeing the buds forming or the stems growing. I’m fascinated by how a green banana can ripen to a yellow color in a matter of days, yet I never see the actual pigments changing.

Growth is a process, but rarely do we see it happening; we often just see the results. And if the results aren’t happening fast enough, we get frustrated. Lately, my plants have been reminding me to simply be still and know that God really is God. When I’m frustrated about where I am in life and where I think I should be by now, my plants remind me that God is working in my life at all times.

So whether it’s physical, spiritual, academic or some other area, take a moment to look at where you are versus where you used to be. You’ll realize that growth has taken place. Keep pushing forward, and don’t get frustrated; growth takes time!

Be encouraged & encourage someone else!