A picture’s worth a thousand words

I toyed around with topic’s for today’s post, and nothing was really jumping out at me…at least nothing that didn’t require more time than I had to dedicate to a post today. Then I thought about something that had made me smile most recently, this photo:

This was a candid photo taken while I was playing with a toddler named Eden at the Seeds of Hope orphanage in Ndola, Zambia. Eden and the other children at the orphanage have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Some of the children are also infected with HIV.

What you can’t see is the big grin on Eden’s face. Each time I look at this picture – no matter how tired or frustrated I am – it brings a smile to my face, for a variety of reasons.

That’s it. I won’t get deep on you tonight. Instead, I’ll let the picture speak for itself. I hope you have at least one picture that makes you smile.

(Photo taken by Marcus Simmons)