The other day, I accidentally scraped the bottom of my leg on my bed. It was a tiny scrape, but it hurt like the dickens! At first, I wasn’t going to put a Band-Aid on it. However, I realized that if I didn’t cover it, it would aggravate me every time it rubbed against fabric. I tried and tried to visually locate the scrape, but couldn’t really see it. So I took a wild guess and put the Band-Aid on the area that seemed to hurt the most.

This morning, I noticed the scar. I wasn’t wearing a Band-Aid anymore, but I’m pretty sure that my wild guess was a little off. It got me to thinking. (Here we go!) I knew I’d been hurt, I could feel the pain. But when I tried to tend to the wound, I missed the mark. It wasn’t until I saw the scar that I was able to see the exact source of the pain.

I think that many of us do this with emotional wounds. We make all kinds of attempts to ease the pain and bandage the wound without taking time to really get to the source of it. I don’t necessarily have a solution for this,  just wanted to share my observation.