“The Black Advent”

As many of you know, there is a movie out called “The Black Nativity.” This post has absolutely nothing to do with it except for the fact that somewhere in my midnight stream of consciousness, these two phrases connected. One birthed the other, and in the light of day, I’m not sure which came first in my head. Anyway, the same stream of consciousness led me to pull out my phone so I could “jot” down a few thoughts for blogging later. Instead of a couple of words and phrases, I pretty much typed out an entire blog post. I decided last night to post exactly what I typed at midnight, without making any edits, because I wanted to be sure that I retained the passion, anger, angst, sadness and every other emotion that was poured into those thoughts. So here it is:

I spent a significant amount of time this semester learning about/discussing the Second Coming of Christ and the new heaven and new earth. As a black person in the United States, this greater understanding of the process of redemption and judgment that will happen causes me to eagerly and anxiously cry out “Come, Lord Jesus!” during this season of Advent. I mean, I feel like screaming it until my throat is raw.

There are some seriously jacked up systems and structures and institutions in this country and the world – and within the Church. No matter how loudly those of us on the margins scream about the oppressive boot on our neck, we are continuously drowned out by those who are holding onto their power and privilege with all of their might. Meanwhile, we are literally dying.

We’ve marched, we’ve prayed, we’ve fasted, we’ve petitioned, and yet we are still struggling.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!