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The Power of Paella

My first few years of elementary education took place at the neighborhood school down the street. The adults (i.e., my teachers and parents) quickly discovered that I was smart; after a few weeks in first grade, I was promoted to second grade. I eventually ended up testing into a local classical school (a selective enrollment in Chicago with an advanced liberal arts curriculum that includes languages, the arts and science). There were two major differences between my old school and my new school: At my old school, the majority of the student body was black, and most of us were from low income households. Read More

Mentor for Life Book Cover

Introducing Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Earlier this year, I joined the Redbud Writers Guild, “a diverse group of female authors, writers and speakers who communicate in order to empower women to use their voices to be world-changers.” One of the perks of being a part of this community is that I’ve been introduced to some books I may not have otherwise known about. One of those books, “Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship,” was just released on March 1st. I recently received a copy and about a third of the way through. By the first few pages of chapter one, I’d started dog-earing pages Read More


7 Last Words

Today’s post is simply a list of 7 Last Words services scheduled for Good Friday 2016. I put out a call on Twitter and Facebook for people to submit links for me to pass along. My one condition was that the line-up must include women and people of color. Far too often, I’ve seen conference/special church service line-ups that are diverse in speaker ethnicity – but it’s all men. But I’m not gonna get on my soap box . . . today. Here’s what I collected. Enjoy! Chicago, Illinois – 12-3 p.m. Will be live-streamed: Berkley, California – 6:30 Read More



As I was reading up on Holy Week, I discovered that there’s such a thing as Holy Wednesday. This is the day that Judas approached the Sanhedrin with an offer to betray Jesus. It’s safe to say that not many believers are on #TeamJudas, but I am in the group that believes that Judas got a bad rap. I can’t help but to wonder a lot of “what if” scenarios. What if his guilt hadn’t overtaken him so much that he didn’t think forgiveness was possible? What if one of the other disciples had reached out to him and said, “Look man, Read More

Kitchen into Sanctuary

#WackyWednesday – “Marlitane”

I’m still fresh off of a retreat for writers of color. Though I was the only writer there who writes both nonfiction and fiction, the conversations and activities still got my creative juices flowing. It also caused me to go back and revisit a lot of my old writing, and I stumbled across a final portfolio that I submitted for a poetry class in undergrad (a looooong time ago). There’s one poem that still makes me smile; it was intentionally written to be silly. When I decided last night to share this as today’s post, I also decided to declare Read More