Kitchen into Sanctuary

Lenten Reflections – week 2

March 6, 2017 “In God alone is my soul at rest. He alone is my rock, my strength.” In your times of trouble, may you find rest and strength, in God, our rock. To hear this song, click the link, then select “In God Alone,” the first track in the song list. By the way, I discovered this song while using the Pray-As-You-Go website’s daily devotionals (it was used for a January devotional). #Lent2017 #EncourageYourselfInTheLord #BeEncouraged March 7, 2017 “If I had everything that I could ever ask for, but I didn’t have you, then I’d have nothing…nothing without Read More

Kitchen into Sanctuary

Lenten Reflections – week 1

Those of you following my page on Facebook know that I’m engaging in a “nontraditional” Lenten practice of encouraging myself in the Lord. However, I recognize that there are people whose Lenten practice includes giving up social media. I know a few who also follow me and have shared that they enjoy the things I share. So this is for them/you. At the end of each week of Lent, I’ll post a summary of the Facebook posts, so you all can be engaged as well. March 1, 2017 Yesterday, I mentioned that I was attempting to take on a bit Read More

Kitchen into Sanctuary

Beauty in the Chaos

This morning, I came across a Facebook video of a Swedish soul/gospel singer who stunned Kirk Franklin and his musicians at a concert with his rendition of “Don’t Cry.” This is one of my favorite Kirk Franklin songs, for a number of reasons, so – of course – I had to then go listen to the original recording. Just seconds into it, I was sucked in by the chord structures. There are so many dissonant chords in this song, and they are jarring and beautiful all at once. This is one of the reasons that I love this song. As Read More


Fun with Flash Fiction, Part 2: The Assignment

I advanced to round 2 of the NYC Flash Fiction Challenge and am pretty excited about that! So today’s unexpected post is the entry that helped me advance, “The Assignment.” This is a story of 1,000 words max; genre: spy, location: a hiking trail, object: a car battery. Tabia sipped some water as she took in the breathtaking site of the waterfall in the distance. The stunning beauty might have taken her breath away if she weren’t already breathless from the insanely long hike she’d taken along the Oconee Passage of the popular Palmetto Trail. This was not at all Read More

Kitchen into Sanctuary

Wassup Wednesdays – October 19, 2016

Today, I’m operating in the spirit of “imperfect action” and starting a new feature on The Dreamer Speaks. I’ve come to enjoy the “Friday Five” types of posts that people share on their blogs. Based on feedback that I receive often from people who enjoy my social media musings, I thought that I might try my hand at this thing. Since everyone else’s digests focus on Fridays, my girls Common Sense and Wisdom hipped me to the fact that I should probably pick a different day. I considered Twofer Tuesdays (or Thursdays), and that didn’t really work for me. Mondays Read More


The Myth of Selflessness, the Gift of Selfishness

In the world of ministry, there seems to be a badge of honor for those who work themselves like a dog “for the sake of the Kingdom.” This goes for those who serve in full-time paid ministry as well as those who are bi-vocational or volunteers. I don’t know where this came from, but I know it’s got to stop! I was just at a retreat/conference/gathering for African American ministers/leaders in my denomination, and we had a workshop on soul care. The presenter, Rev. Harvey F. Carey, started us off by having us listen to Larnelle Harris’ recording of “I Read More


3 Leadership Lessons

To introduce the next giveaway for this week, I’d like to share three short leadership lessons. Listen. Listen to God, listen to mentors, listen to trusted experts and “thought leaders” in your sector. Also, listen to your gut. Learn. Learn all you can about your craft/field/area of ministry, learn about how to genuinely engage with other people, learn how to listen, learn how to love. Also learn what makes you tick – your strengths and weaknesses. Love. Love God. Love the people God created. Remember, all humans are created in the image of God, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, economic Read More


Welcome Back!

I’ve been hyping up this relaunch for weeks, now, so I’ve been stressing over the need to create an amazingly witty blog post. First, I needed a title. “Welcome back” kept running through my head because The Dreamer Speaks has been on hold during our “construction” period, but I didn’t think it was deep enough. I finally came up with a pithy title and got excited, but then the words wouldn’t come. Instead, not only was “welcome back” still floating in my head. Now, it had morphed into the opening line of the “Welcome Back, Kotter” theme song. So, if Read More

Kitchen into Sanctuary

Construction Season

Hey, everyone! This is a short post to let you know that things are going to be moving a bit slowly here at The Dreamer Speaks for a week or so. I’m in the process of sprucing up around here, so most of my energy is going toward the new site. In the meantime, please feel free to catch up on some of the older posts you may have missed. Click here to see a few of my favorites (under “Road Map”)! You can also follow my writing on other sites, just check out this post for links. In a Read More


Fun with Flash Fiction!

A few months ago, I signed up to participate in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. Participants were assigned a genre, location and object and given 48 hours to submit a story of 1,000 words of fewer. My assignment was: sci-fi (genre), cemetery (location) and elephant tusk (object). I don’t consider myself a “traditional” sci-fi writer, so I was intimidated by my assignment. But I jumped in head first. Yesterday, I received the feedback from the judges, and it actually wasn’t so bad! Round 2 assignments were issued late last night, so I’m now marinating on my next flash fiction Read More