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Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) International
CBE International Conference 2017                                                               Orlando, FL

Workshop facilitator, “Ain’t I A Woman?: The Image Dei
and/in Black Women”                                                                                          July 2017

Deeply Rooted Chicago                                                                                   Chicago, IL
Speaker, “Hope: Easy as 1, 2, 3!”                                                                    May 2017

Redbud Writers Guild
Redbud Retreat 2017                                                                                            Northbrook, IL

Panel member, “Tending the Writer’s Soul”                                             February 2017

Christian Community Development Association
CCDA National Conference 2015                                                                    Memphis, TN

Workshop co-facilitator, “Oil for My Lamp: Living
Abundantly as an Introvert in CCD”                                                            November 2015

Workshop co-facilitator, “Quiet Leadership: Introverts in
the CCDA”                                                                                                                  November 2015

CCDA National Conference 2014                                                                     Raleigh, NC
Workshop co-facilitator, “Quiet Leadership: Introverts in
the CCDA”                                                                                                                  September 2014

CCDA National Conference 2013                                                                    New Orleans, LA
Plenary session panel member, “The Leaders Among Us”               September 2013

North Park University                                                                                       Chicago, IL
TEDx North Park University Speaker, “Hello. I Am a
Polymath.”                                                                                                                   May 2017

Guest lecturer, Career Planning course                                                    February 2017

Sankofa co-facilitator                                                                                           February 2017

Speaker, “To Save Many Lives: Black, African,
African American Crosstalk” Event                                                             October 2015

Guest lecturer, Sankofa course                                                                      February 2015

Workshop facilitator, Student Diversity Leadership
Conference, “’The Introverted Leader’ is Not an Oxymoron”       November 2014

Guest lecturer, Discipleship Theory and Practice course,
“Introverts in Ministry”                                                                                       March 2014

Guest speaker, “Exploring Your Call” Retreat                                         March 2014

Guest speaker, University Ministries Women’s Retreat                   November 2013

Communities First Association                                                                   Chicago, IL
Panelist, “Discussions on Diversity” Event                                               October 2015

The Evangelical Covenant Church
CHIC (Covenant High in Christ)                                                                          Knoxville, TN

Base Camp Focus Group facilitator, “Introvert ≠ Antisocial”          July 2015

Covenant Offices                                                                                                      Chicago, IL
Co-facilitator, Brown Bag Lunch Discussion on “Selma”                   January 2015

Midwinter                                                                                                                    Chicago, IL
Roundtable co-facilitator, “Engaging Our Cities:
From Service to Justice”                                                                                    January 2014

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology,
Center for Multicultural and Diversity Studies                                Chicago, IL
Lecturer, “Quiet Women: At the Intersection of Gender,

Ethnicity and Introversion”                                                                                July 2015

Lecturer, “Introvert  ≠ Antisocial: A Paradigm Shift in
Understanding Introverts”                                                                                 June 2015

Urban Youth Workers Institute: Chicago RELOAD                         Chicago, IL
Workshop facilitator, “Introvert  ≠ Antisocial” (Teen Track)             March 2015

Workshop facilitator, “Angsty Teen or Introvert?: Facilitating
Leadership Development and Community Engagement for
Introverted Youth”                                                                                                  March 2015

Workshop facilitator, “Say It Loud!…Or Not:
Introverts in Youth Ministry”                                                                             April 2014

Workshop co-facilitator, “Using Story to Change the
World” (Teen Track)                                                                                                April 2013

North Park Theological Seminary                                                               Chicago, IL
Guest lecturer, Embodiment course, “Singleness & Sexuality”        February 2015