The Wisdom of The Gambler – Pt. 2

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the nuggets of wisdom hidden in the song, “The Gambler.” Here are a few more nuggets that I’d like to share:

Wisdom can come when you least expect it…and when you need it the most. The first line of the song says that the singer and the gambler were “on a train bound for nowhere.” After they stop avoiding each other and have grown bored of just staring out of the window, the gambler looks at the singer and can tell that he’s at the end of his rope. That’s when he offers the singer some advice.

Sometimes, when you think you’re “out of aces” and have no more cards to play, that’s when the answer you’ve been looking for will come to you. The great thing about wisdom? You don’t have to wait for it to come, all you have to do is ask for it!

If you’re gonna play the game…you gotta learn to play it right. Take the time to understand the context and culture of your surroundings. Whether you’re the new kid in class or starting a new job, acknowledge that there’s a time of orientation – whether formal or informal. Be confident in your ability to adjust to your surroundings, but don’t be overly confident (a.k.a. “cocky”) and think that you know it all. Regardless of your experience and multiple degrees, there is always a learning curve.

That’s all for today. More nuggets to come!