The Myth of Selflessness, the Gift of Selfishness

In the world of ministry, there seems to be a badge of honor for those who work themselves like a dog “for the sake of the Kingdom.” This goes for those who serve in full-time paid ministry as well as those who are bi-vocational or volunteers. I don’t know where this came from, but I know it’s got to stop! I was just at a retreat/conference/gathering for African American ministers/leaders in my denomination, and we had a workshop on soul care. The presenter, Rev. Harvey F. Carey, started us off by having us listen to Larnelle Harris’ recording of “I Read More


Welcome Back!

I’ve been hyping up this relaunch for weeks, now, so I’ve been stressing over the need to create an amazingly witty blog post. First, I needed a title. “Welcome back” kept running through my head because The Dreamer Speaks has been on hold during our “construction” period, but I didn’t think it was deep enough. I finally came up with a pithy title and got excited, but then the words wouldn’t come. Instead, not only was “welcome back” still floating in my head. Now, it had morphed into the opening line of the “Welcome Back, Kotter” theme song. So, if Read More

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Stand Up Straight!

My training as a vocalist has caused me to be more aware of my posture. There are times when I think I’m standing up straight – until I actively correct my posture and instantly gain a few inches in height! As soon as I straighten up my posture, I feel an immediate physical improvement. However, because my body is not used to having correct posture on a regular basis, maintaining this position can be difficult. In fact, it often feels like slouching is more comfortable than keeping a straight posture. Because of this, I have to correct my posture multiple Read More

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You got to know…

…when to fold ’em. The ol’ Gambler strikes again. I have had quite a heavy load on my plate these past few weeks, and some days it’s a struggle to get in a blog post. It’s already past my bedtime, yet I was trying to think of something meaningful to post. Then the lyrics from “The Gambler” popped into my head. When Wisdom knocks, I have to answer. And tonight, Wisdom said, “Time to fold ’em and call it a night.” So my word for the day is “self-care.” Try it, you won’t regret it!

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Have you taken your medicine?

I published my first blog post on December 31, 2010 and set a goal of publishing a post a day. I have stuck to that goal – despite crazybusy days, illness and plain old exhaustion. Until yesterday. I’d made plans to hang out with friends yesterday evening and had expected to be home before midnight. I’ve been meaning to get into the habit of pre-writing some posts that I can have on hand “in case of emergency,” but that just hasn’t happened yet. Yesterday, I figured I’d have enough time to write a post when I got home. Not so. And I’m okay Read More