The Myth of Selflessness, the Gift of Selfishness

In the world of ministry, there seems to be a badge of honor for those who work themselves like a dog “for the sake of the Kingdom.” This goes for those who serve in full-time paid ministry as well as those who are bi-vocational or volunteers. I don’t know where this came from, but I know it’s got to stop! I was just at a retreat/conference/gathering for African American ministers/leaders in my denomination, and we had a workshop on soul care. The presenter, Rev. Harvey F. Carey, started us off by having us listen to Larnelle Harris’ recording of “I Read More

Christ wept over Jerusalem3

Don’t go changing…

This is the time of year when everyone commits to making a plethora of changes. So it may sound odd to you when I say: don’t change…at least, not yet. Very often, people are frustrated with where they are in life and assume that the only way to make it better is to change. And while change may be just the way to go, before you head down that path, you should stop and take some inventory. How will you know what you should be doing if you don’t know what you’re equipped and called to do? I want to Read More