Study Break

Sometimes, my deepest thoughts come in the middle of studying something unrelated. If I don’t pause to think through them (or write them down), they’ll just distract me from the task at hand. And I’m in the middle of studying and want to get back to that task. So here we go.

A year or so ago, after telling me I had 20/20 vision, the ophthalmologist told me that I would need to start wearing reading glasses when I turned 40. (He was actually surprised I wasn’t wearing them already.) I nodded like a good little patient but kind of doubted that I would follow through.

A few months ago, I realized the wear and tear that being in two graduate programs has taken on my eyes and decided I would do the doc one better. I’d get reading glasses by my 39th birthday. Then, last week, it happened. While trying to read along in a prayer service, I moved the Bible away from me and muttered, “Why is it so dim in here??!” (I think I may also have heard my ophthalmologist chuckling in the distance.)

Though many say you don’t need a prescription for reading glasses, it’s actually a good idea to ensure that you don’t get lenses that are too strong (and ultimately cause more harm than good). So I went in for a vision test earlier this week. Though my vision is still pretty good, I discovered that I would benefit from reading glasses. While I didn’t actually believe that there was anything wrong with my eyesight, upon completing the eye exam, I discovered that I do have a slight area of vulnerability.

And here we go with the deepness . . . as I was thinking about that whole experience, it made me think about how that can apply spiritually. Many times, people don’t realize that they have a spiritual problem; because it creeps up on you little by little. It’s small enough where you may not notice it, but a deeper inspection will reveal the problem.

So . . . have you taken a spiritual vision test lately?