Finding an Audience is Complicated, So I’m Sharing Mine!

When I try to describe the experience of being a writer/speaker, “it’s complicated” often comes to mind! Publishers and agents want me to have a platform of millions. Because I don’t have that, I sometimes get caught up in the trap of thinking that what I do doesn’t matter. But then, I’m reminded of the numerous times people have told me how much they enjoy my social media and blog posts. I may not have millions of followers, but I have a consistent base of folks who value what I have to say. I’m grateful for that audience, and I Read More

Mentor for Life Book Cover

Introducing Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Earlier this year, I joined the Redbud Writers Guild, “a diverse group of female authors, writers and speakers who communicate in order to empower women to use their voices to be world-changers.” One of the perks of being a part of this community is that I’ve been introduced to some books I may not have otherwise known about. One of those books, “Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship,” was just released on March 1st. I recently received a copy and about a third of the way through. By the first few pages of chapter one, I’d started dog-earing pages Read More

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Ready or Not…(or Be Careful What You Pray For)

When my oldest niece was two years old, her parents took her to an amusement park for kids. They were on a “teacup” sort of ride, and things started off fine. But as the ride began to pick up speed, my niece had a change of heart. She says, “Wait . . .” Then she repeats it multiple times, with an increasing sense of urgency. (I would be lying if I said that I didn’t laugh hysterically when I saw the video footage my brother recorded!) This image came to mind recently as I reflected on what has been happening Read More