Finding an Audience is Complicated, So I’m Sharing Mine!

When I try to describe the experience of being a writer/speaker, “it’s complicated” often comes to mind! Publishers and agents want me to have a platform of millions. Because I don’t have that, I sometimes get caught up in the trap of thinking that what I do doesn’t matter. But then, I’m reminded of the numerous times people have told me how much they enjoy my social media and blog posts. I may not have millions of followers, but I have a consistent base of folks who value what I have to say. I’m grateful for that audience, and I Read More

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I Am a Tree

I Am a Tree Bending, swaying, leaning, flailing Cracking, breaking, weeping, wailing Scarred from fires Thirsty from droughts Drowned by floods But Standing Growing Blooming Bearing Feeding Planted Firmly rooted. This post is in response to the writing prompt for Bronwyn Lea’s “No Story Wasted” in Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives. Bronwyn’s piece uses tree imagery to remind us that we know more than we think and have experiences from which others can learn. The prompt is “Record God’s work in your life based on this statement: She is like a tree planted by streams of water.” Read More