Stand still and know

I was watching “Men in Black” for the billioneth time today and noticed something I’d never paid attention to before. (Warning: I’m going to speak under the assumption that people reading this are familiar with the movie.) Toward the end of the movie, Agents J and K shoot a flying spaceship, to prevent the occupant from leaving Earth. We watch as this large ship comes crashing back down to the ground and skids to a stop. J and K are close enough to the action for the wind to blow K’s hair back. Yet, neither of them flinches or runs away (like I would have). I can understand why K would stand strong in the face of danger; he’s been doing this for years and has seen much worse. J, on the other hand, had no reason to stand and be courageous – except for the fact that K was still there. K was the veteran agent, so J could trust his experience and follow his lead. This, of course, took me on a journey on the ol’ train of thought.

As we enounter our own storms in life, we can stand tall, knowing that God is there with us. He will not leave us to face trials alone, and He will show us┬áthe paths that we should take. Don’t forget that the spirit of God dwells in His people. So, saying that God is present means two things:

  • He will use you to protect/guide someone who is going through trying situations.
  • He’ll place someone in your life to protect/guide you during trying situations.

So, the next time you find yourself facing a situation of “astronomical” proportions (space ship, astronomical…get it?), stand still and know that God is with you.