Free stuff!

“Disclaimer” – This is not a product review. Today, I got a free pen while on an errand at Office Depot. Being the lover of pens/pen snob that I am, I could barely contain my excitement. My day was so busy that I didn’t even get a chance to daydream about what I would write first. I actually had forgotten that the pen was in my purse until late in the evening. So I grabbed my journal, got comfortable and eagerly pulled the pen from my purse. I spent a few minutes reading through the informational card that it was attached to. It’s from a new Paper Mate line called InkJoy. Apparently, these pens are some kind of hybrid combo between ball point and gel. There are six different pen styles available; of course the free one I got was in the bottom tier (it’s the 300 RT). But, hey, it was free, so who’s complaining? I put pen to paper and started to write, anticipating what would come next . . .

And I discovered that the ink was purple! Now, yes, the barrel of the pen was purple, but I had assumed it was just a decorative thing. I don’t know if it was the ink color or the actual performance of the pen, but the wind left my sails at that point. This is kind of like the V8-VFusion incident of last year (stay tuned for a post about that, lol!). I suppose, in time, I’ll grow to enjoy my new pen. After all, it was free!

In case you’re curious, here are some photos of the pen and the info card. I must admit that I’m tempted to try out the top of the line model, the 700 RT (ooh, even sounds fancy, huh?). If you’re familiar with this line of pens, feel free to share your own experience.

The Paper Mate InkJoy 300 RT


Informational card for the InkJoy line