Do you follow through?

I had about 4 hours of sleep last night and have spent the last 24+ hours putting out fires (figurative, not literal) related to the big blizzard. I have been fantasizing about the moment my head would hit the pillow tonight. Fast forward to 9:55 p.m. (CST). I’d started playing my soft worship music on the mp3 player next to the bed, gotten myself positioned just right up under the covers with my body pillow properly supporting my knees…and I exhaled, letting my head sink into my pillow. Oh, sweet sleep was soon to come.

Then I remembered that I hadn’t published my daily blog post. So I contemplated for a while. Yes, I’d made a personal commitment to blog once a day – every day. But I was exhausted and didn’t want to get out of the bed. I mean, I doubted I would find that perfect comfortable positioning again. And it’s not like I was just too lazy to blog, I had what I thought was a really good excuse…but I made a commitment to blog…and there were still two hours until midnight, so it was possible for me to meet my goal…but would anyone really notice if I didn’t blog today? I mean, really?? People are busy shoveling themselves out from under multiple feet of snow. Who is really gonna pay attention to my blogging habits?

But I made a commitment…

So here I am, blogging. What about you? Have you been following through on your commitments – whether to yourself or someone else? It’s never too late to get back on track.

Good night!