#WackyWednesday – “Marlitane”

I’m still fresh off of a retreat for writers of color. Though I was the only writer there who writes both nonfiction and fiction, the conversations and activities still got my creative juices flowing. It also caused me to go back and revisit a lot of my old writing, and I stumbled across a final portfolio that I submitted for a poetry class in undergrad (a looooong time ago). There’s one poem that still makes me smile; it was intentionally written to be silly. When I decided last night to share this as today’s post, I also decided to declare today #WackyWednesday. Perhaps, there will be more wacky posts to follow. In the meantime, I present to you: “Marlitane.” (This piece begs to be read aloud!)



I saw the furly whirlywoop

run circles ’round the lollibag

When the zilly-zally borzikop

caused a great big popitag


The queelies in the forkiping

sang joyously of manizops

While the silly little keezelings

chant funny little purlypops


Ah, but the mournful little anitats

sit quietly ‘neath the Nomy tree

Contemplating jips and jats

While mensilfating stubbornly


Across the way stand the dandimikes

They’re such quipky little things

One prances ’round with flandytykes

while the others juggle kalings


Soon the sun will set on Marlitane

and all will put away their reebs

They’ll settle down for a long night’s zane

And the peepelops will start to meeb